The BBVAMF presents its 2016 Social Performance Report in Panama

Event Details

20 July 2017

09:30 to 11:00

Hotel Hilton. Balboa Avenida & Aquilino de la Guardia. Ciudad de Panamá (Panamá)
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The BBVAMF operates in Panama through Microserfin, an entity that serves more than 170.000 vulnerable entrepreneurs whose businesses allow them to improve their quality of life, as well as that of their families.

Taking part in this event are María Celia Dopeso, Minister of the Association for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises; Luis Germán Linares, Managing Director of Microserfin; Adelaida Moral, an entrepreneur working with the entity; and Stephanie García Van Gool, Director of Impact Assessment of the Foundation. Claudio González-Vega, President of the BBVAMF Board of Trustees, will be in charge of closing the function.

The BBBVA Microfinance Foundation’s Social Performance Report entitled “Measuring what really matters” summarizes its activities’ outcomes as well as the progress of the entrepreneurs it serves across five countries in Latin America.