Fondo Esperanza successfully concludes the campaign to disseminate its work among underprivileged entrepreneurs

1 August 2016
Fondo Esperanza

“We have succeeded in broadcasting our message that entrepreneurship is a real option for thousands of Chileans who are looking to advance, get ahead and improve their quality of life and that of their families”, said Mario Pavón, general manager of Fondo Esperanza, at the end of annual campaign, which was endorsed by a large part of the media.

“Súbete a la micro del emprendimiento” (Jump on the entrepreneurship bus), an initiative designed to encourage Chilean society to find out more about the bank’s products and services for disadvantaged entrepreneurs, captured the interest of the over 2,000 new entrepreneurs who requested information during the month-long campaign.

The media organizations in Chile also took part in the initiative and made space in their schedules to broadcast the campaign commercial, in addition to radio air time, interviews, articles, advertisements and videos about Fondo Esperanza.

The campaign itself was also widely featured on television and radio and in the print and digital media, and captured the interest of internet users, with over 20,000 visits to the bank’s web page, 2,000 new followers on Facebook and 16,500 visualizations of the commercial on Fondo Esperanza’s YouTube channel.

“We’re very satisfied, as many people have now jumped on board the entrepreneurial bus”, says Mario Pavón. This campaign disseminates the work of the bank via its 247 branch offices from Arica to Chiloé, and encourages microentrepreneurs to improve their quality of life through their small businesses. To quote another of the campaign slogans: “You’ll see a real difference when you follow the path of entrepreneurship with Fondo Esperanza”.