Chile’s National Holidays bustle with small businesses

On the occasion of Chile’s National Holidays, not only Chilean traditions have been highlighted. Fondo Esperanza’s entrepreneurs also seized the chance to make the most they could, by displaying different activities that help boost their businesses’ sales.

Bernardo Leiva is one of the 110 thousand entrepreneurs that has joined the BBVAMF’s entity in Chile. He has devoted his lifetime making clothing for huaso (Chilean countryman, similar to the American cowboy). And on September each year, he witnesses how his clients celebrate the National Holidays with the garments that he fabricated himself.

Chicha artesanal de Rubén Guerrero

Chicha, a traditional and typical liquor available during the festivities, is the leading product of Rubén Guerrero, who for more than ten years, has been producing this fruit juice-based beverage.

José Luis Lara is an organ player and he grabs this opportunity to travel various townships in the city of San Bernardo, giving joy and entertainment to passers-by. Another example is Ana Bertoni, who makes empanadas from Talca and other homemade products that her great grandmother taught her to make since when she was a little girl.

In this way, in each and every corner of Chile, one can find a great variety of typical products during these days, and in most cases the very entrepreneurs of Fondo Esperanza are the ones behind those goods for sale.