68% of Banco ADOPEM’s portfolio are women

7 March 2016
Banco Adopem

Dominican women have increased their participation in the labor market. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Banco ADOPEM reports that 68% of its loan customers are women, meaning that 148,066 low-income women entrepreneurs are engaged in productive activities.

According to the bank, its female customers tend to be more vulnerable than men. 91% of women and 87% of men are currently in this situation. On average, and as a percentage, women tend to have a lower educational level, and their sales levels are lower than men’s.

The monthly per capita surplus of women served by Banco ADOPEM is 153 dollars, 13% lower than for men. Women are also better savers than men, dedicating an average of 11.5% of their monthly surplus to savings, compared to 9.5% for men.

The bank’s Social Performance Report reveals that most of its female customers’ businesses –82%– are in the commerce sector. The most common activities include dressmaking and retail clothes stores (50%), traveling sales and catalog sales (14%), and the retail sale of foodstuffs (13%). 16% of women work in the service sector –mainly catering (coffee shops and fried foods) and hairdressing, with 7% and 6% respectively.

The monthly rate paid by Banco ADOPEM’s female customers is 5% of their monthly income on average. No difference is observed compared to men in this indicator. Monthly surpluses, once the repayment has been discounted, are 33% of sales in the case of women, one percentage point less than men.

Over time the number of female clients can be seen to be increasing each year in absolute terms. An analysis of the degree of vulnerability of new customers, a significant difference can be observed between vulnerable clients in terms of gender. The percentage of vulnerability among Banco ADOPEM’s female customers has remained constant since 2011, below men

The average savings balance (accounts and certificates) is increasing progressively. Although women start out with lower balances in their first two years with the bank, in the third year they begin to overtake men.