Two BBVAMF programs receive recognition at the Latin American and Caribbean Housing and Habitat Forum

Event Details

12 June 2018

18:00 - 19.00

Avenida Sacarota 65, Santo Domingo 10101. República Dominicana
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The 3rd Latin American and Caribbean Housing and Habitat Forum recognizes projects that foster adequate housing and urban habitat for sustainable urban development, as mentioned in the Sustainable Development Goals. This year’s edition has awarded inspiring practices that work towards higher inclusion, resilience and sustainability in cities and settlements. UHPH, Habitat for Humanity, Cities Alliance and UN Habitat jointly organize one of the most relevant international forums in the sector.

Two MFIs of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation have received awards for their inspiring housing practices.

Financiera Confianza, the Peruvian institution of BBVAMF, was acknowledged for the Construyendo Confianza credit program, which addresses the reconstruction needs in areas struck by the Coastal El Niño Phenomenon. The program includes sustainable building and financial solutions, together with technical assistance focused on disaster risk reduction. It also integrates an app called Proyecta, which allows clients to visualize technical aspects of the construction process.

Microserfin, the Panamanian MFI of the Foundation, was awarded for Casafin. This credit program offers solutions to construction needs and enable gradual improvements in the homes of vulnerable entrepreneurs. It also offers loans adhered to technical building assistance to finance construction work, especially for home-based enterprises of clients.

Giovana Lozada, marketing manager for Financiera Confianza and Kira Gardellini, business manager for Microserfin, will be representing both MFIs in the awarding ceremony and both will also participate as speakers in the “Financing Housing in Latin America” panel.

Banco Adopem will be present at the forum with a booth.