BBVA Microfinance Foundation, featured in Microvest’s 2017 Social Impact Report

The successful promotion of financial inclusion has never depended more on social impact results, and satisfactory social impact results have never been more determined by a balanced management of outputs and outcomes. While outcome comprises the impact of the product or service beyond the end customers to include family income, job creation, housing and health, Microvest defines output as an extrinsic result that is part of the business operation cycle. This could range from the total number of female clients served to the amount of loans disbursed in a given period.

The BBVA Microfinance Foundation is a group that is fully engaged in outcome measurement with an extensive data set that supports the hypothesis that microfinance does create developmental impact”, Microvest

On this regard, the 2017 edition of Microvest’s Social Impact Report has featured the BBVA Microfinance Foundation as one of the few organizations to produce outcome data, which it jointly manages with output results to achieve its underlying mission.

It particularly shines a spotlight on Microserfin, the Foundation’s institution in Panama, citing its programs for productive housing, rural communities and financial training for refugees.

About Microvest

As a global impact asset manager, Microvest helps socially-minded investors do good in the world. It offers simple investment solutions that support financial inclusion worldwide, while also maintaining economic feasibility.

Microvest has been providing continued support to the Foundation’s controlled operations since 2010.
Social Impact Report 2017