BBVA Microfinance Foundation on its 10th year: a battle against poverty from the private sector

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21 June 2017

08:30 a 10:10

BBVA Continental
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The BBVAMF will present its Social Performance Report for 2016, Measuring what really matters, in Peru, included within the events commemorating the Foundation’s 10th-year anniversary, along with presentations from Claudio González-Vega, Chairman of BBVAMF’s Board of Trustees and Stephanie García Van Gool, Director for BBVAMF Impact Assessment and Strategic Development.

Following the intervention from Peru’s Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Cayetana Aljovín, there will be a panel on the challenges of financial inclusion and their impact on poverty reduction. Participants include the Superintendent for Banking, Insurance and Pension Funds, Socorro Heysen; Claudio González-Vega and Martín Naranjo Landerer, CEO of Financiera Confianza, the BBVA Microfinance Foundation’s entity in Peru.

This event will take place in the BBVA Continental headquarters and will also be attended by its CEO, Eduardo Torres Llosa.

Financiera Confianza serves half a million people, half of which are women and is the only entity with complete territorial outreach in the whole country.