Fiestas Patrias, an opportunity for entrepreneurs of Fondo Esperanza to disseminate Chilean gastronomy and crafts

16 September 2016
Fondo Esperanza

September is one of the most important months of the year for many entrepreneurs of Fondo Esperanza since sales of their products increase during the celebration of Fiestas Patrias, especially those related to Chilean gastronomy and traditional crafts.

Fiestas Patrias commemorate the First National Government (1810) and the formation of Chile as a nation state, dates on which the traditions of the country’s identity are highlighted.

Typical products include traditional dress or blankets for huasos (Chilean rodeo riders) and popular toys, such as kites, emboques (a cup-and-ball toy) and spinning tops.  These are some of the craft activities that entrepreneurs of Fondo Esperanza are engaged in.

Others cook and sell typical dishes consumed on those dates, such as empanadas (pies), anticuchos (skewered meat), casseroles or choclo pies (corn) and potatoes.

They are entrepreneurs who move forward with their small businesses and, in turn, keep the traditions of their country alive.

Fotografía de Emprendedora chilena de la FMBBVA Fondo Esperanza

Entrepreneur BBVAMF, Fondo Esperanza