Institutional MFI shareholders

Founding NGOs

World Women’s Corporation Colombia

Non-profit institution set up in 1989 with the mission of improving the standards of living of those in a situation of vulnerability, particularly women, with programs and projects driving human and productive development.

Women’s World Corporation Medellín (Colombia)

NGO running since 1985 and focusing on the development and reinforcement of microentrepreneurs. It provides tools and services to train, consolidate and sustainably grow microenterprises and protect the families economically dependent on them.

NGO Adopem (Dominican Republic)

Created in 1982, this NGO has the mission of enhancing and building on entrepreneurial skills, together with the social and human development of its clients and their families. It provides training, assessment and research services in a number of areas, generating greater integration and participation in the development process as well as a positive impact on their business growth and living conditions.


This non-profit civil association set up in 1987 promotes sustainable development in Peru, particularly in the country’s central region,  through the execution of development programs and projects.

Home of Christ (Chile)

Charitable institution founded in 1944 to help the poorest of the poor and the socially excluded, opening up their opportunities for a better life.