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CONTIGO MICROFINANZAS, S.A. is an entity created by the BBVA Microfinance Foundation in April 2010 in Argentina. The Foundation had previously reached an agreement on the purchase of the microfinance division of the Grameen Mendoza Foundation. Contigo Microfinanzas is set up to become the leading microfinance entity in the country. Leader in innovation and in the distribution of specific products and services aimed at entrepreneurs who have a limited access to finance.

The Foundation has assisted 2,158 disadvantaged entrepreneurs in Argentina through Contigo Microfinanzas. 58.7% of them are women, and their average loan amount is 1,040 dollars.

Contigo Microfinanzas has assisted people such as Oscar Aguirre, who received in 2012 the "Prize to the Microentrepreneur 2011", awarded by Fundación Avina, in recognition for his activity in eco bricks (made from granite stone and recycled plastic bottles), an activity which began and was developed thanks to the credits granted by the Foundation's entity.

Aguirre, used to make a living picking up cardboard in the south area of Mar de Plata for 20 years. Then, Contigo Microfinanzas granted him a credit and now he carries out his own eco blocks entrepreneurship in the same place. He generates inclusion and jobs, as he employs neighbours from his place who help him by carrying plastic and putting blocks together.

EThe jury of this prize stood out Óscar Aguirre's case as an example of hard-working and willingness to make progress among those who want their dreams to come true as well as collaborate with their community with some help.

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