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BBVA Microfinance Foundation
in the Dominican Republic

BBVA MICROFINANCE FOUNDATION is present in the Dominican Republic through the Banco de Ahorro y Credito Adopem. The Foundation signed a strategic alliance with this bank in November 2012 which was guaranteed by detailed shareholding agreements in order to promote all together the economic and social development of the disadvantaged people in the Dominican Republic.

Thanks to this alliance, both entities have combined experience, management, and technology with the purpose of increasing the access and quality of the financial services offered by Adopem Bank by means of assisting more people with more products, adapted to their entrepreneurs’ needs.

In addition to the financial services benefits, Adopem Bank offers financial education programs and training to promote and strengthen managerial skills as well as the social and human development of its clients and their families.

BBVA Microfinance Foundation assists through Adopem Bank more than 240,000 low-income people in the country, 73% are women. The average loan amount granted is USD 470.