BBVA Microfinance
in Peru

THE BBVA MICROFINANCE FOUNDATION is present in Peru thanks to the entities Caja Rural de Ahorro y Crédito Nuestra Gente y Financiera Confianza, entities which have been merged in May 2013 by the Foundation in order to create a new leading institution in Peru. The new merged financial entity, known as Financiera Confianza S.A.A combines the complementary skills of the original institutions, and it is a solid company with a great financial strength and capital resources, more places to carry out its business, more resources and total coverage at a national level.

The Foundation presence in Peru

Due to this operation, the project for the expansion in the Peruvian microfinance market was reaffirmed. It was set up by the creation of Caja Nuestra Gente in 2008 (previously acquired and merged to Caja Rural NorPerú, Caja Rural del Sur y Edpyme crear Tacna), and the following Financiera Confianza's integration in 2010.

The new entity, Financiera Confianza S.A.A, has assets above 1,750 of nuevos soles. It assists more than 456,000 small businessmen clients. 51, 5% of them are women and their credits’ average loan amount is 1,900 dollars.

Financiera Confianza

FINANCIERA CONFIANZA joined the BBVA Microfinance Foundation through the Caja de Ahorro y Crédito entity in Peru, in 2011. It was subsequently merged to create a financial institution which would aspire to lead the microfinance in Peru. Financiera Confianza offers a wide range of microfinance products aimed at those sectors which are excluded from the regulated financial system. It is one of the few regulated microfinance institutions in Peru which offers products and services specially designed to carry out farming and commercial activities within the rural sector, as well as for the vulnerable women special needs.

Caja de Ahorro y Crédito Nuestra Gente

CAJA RURAL DE AHORRO Y CRÉDITO NUESTRA GENTE, S.A.A offers the rural small and micro enterprise financial products and services. It is present in the whole Peruvian territory as it is an entity created by merging Caja Rural de Ahorro y Crédito Nor Perú, S.A,, Caja Rural de Ahorro y Crédito del Sur S.A.A. and Edpyme Créditos de Alcance Regional Tacna, S.A.

Caja Nuestra Gente is focused on going more deeply into society as well as having a stronger rural presence, there where microfinance have hardly any impact, as there is a lack of access to financial services (due to the deficit in its road network and communications).

In addition to the productive credit, Caja Nuestra Gente meets its clients’ needs by means of services suitable for their needs, such as microsavings, microinsurances, remittance, credit transfers, etc. This is a wide range of financial services offered by Caja Nuestra Gente to this population profile so they can enjoy the coverage and financial facilities enjoyed by the rest of the population. This way they are able to take business initiatives.

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