Environmental sustainability

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and its adverse effects are testing the capacity of countries around the world to achieve sustainable development.

In its commitment to sustainable development, BBVA Microfinance Foundation promotes environmentally friendly measures and encourages the entrepreneurs it serves to apply careful practices in their surroundings.

This environmental sustainability strategy principally aims for entrepreneurs to improve their business productivity while protecting natural resources, to achieve resilient growth and lessen their vulnerability when faced with risks.

BBVAMF has subscribed to a partnership agreement with UN Environmental Program (UNEP) and local institutions, which has allowed Bancamía and Banco Adopem to implement Microfinance for Ecosystems-based Adaptation (MEbA) programs. This initiative provides personalized technical assistance and specialized products and services for vulnerable rural populations to help them adapt their small businesses to climate change; the program also trains them on the use of organic fertilizers, biodigestors or solar dehydrators installed in a demonstration farm.

Additionally, BBVAMF, together with Habitat for Humanity, has initiated the “Eco Vivienda” (Eco Housing) project which finances, designs and promotes green housing that improves the lives of rural inhabitants through solar energy, low-consuming light bulbs or the use of rainwater.      

Through a wide range of “greener” products such as savings, loans and insurance, the institutions that comprise the Group contribute to the transformation of habits and behaviours targeted towards a more sustainable world.

Learn more about BBVAMF’s commitment to sustainability with this video: