Premic acknowledges BBVAMF’s work through its credit officers and entrepreneurs in Panama

Premic is an initiative that recognizes microentrepreneurship and has awarded Microserfin’s entrepreneurs and credit officers. Elías Orindo placed second in the ‘Trade’ category for his shop Abarrotería Isis and Néstor Martínez was second finalist for Citi Awards, Microenterprise for Development 2017-2018, for his shop Artesanía 7 Pasos.

Microserfin entrepreneurs and credit officers were awarded during the tenth edition of Premic in Panama

Michael Castrellón, and Shermali Villar, Elías and Néstor’s credit officers, respectively, have been awarded for the daily activities they conduct and for the advice they give entrepreneurs to help their businesses progress.

Premic has celebrated its tenth edition, and seeks to create awareness on the microfinance sector’s impact. This award acknowledges Microserfin’s role in Panama, and reveals the potential of microfinance as a tool to generate economic development and sustainability. This year, the institution has given awards to entrepreneurs on a national level, to make their work and advancement be known.