Legal Notice

BBVA Microfinance Foundation (BBVAMF) provides information on its website (hereinafter “website””) about the activities in which it is engaged; this information should be taken by the user as an introduction to the same. It does not form part of, nor constitutes, an offer, request or recommendation to sell or buy any kind of financial product or service.


This entire website, that is, its component parts (texts, images, brand names, logotypes, audio files, software files, color combinations), as well as the structure, choice and order of its content, are protected by Intellectual and Industrial Property regulations and may not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified, publicly communicated, ceded or transformed, or indeed disseminated in any other way without express authorisation. Access to this website does not grant users any right or ownership over the intellectual and/or industrial rights of its contents. BBVAMF reserves the right to exercise appropriate legal actions against users who violate or infringe intellectual and/or industrial property rights.

This website allows users to make comments about its contents. BBVAMF reserves the right to act as moderator over these comments and to review them prior to their publication. Likewise, BBVAMF reserves the right to desist from publication, withdraw or eliminate all those comments it considers imprecise or contravening these Conditions of Use.

The above notwithstanding, users may not add to this website content of a religious or political nature (including statements and symbols of political parties or religious organizations), nor content that is anti-social, offensive to cultural or religious values, provocative, disrespectful, violent, obscene, sexual or concerning socially inacceptable or illegal groups, nor any other content that may offend third parties or infringe fundamental rights and liberties as recognized by the relevant standards and/or those set out in law covering consumer and user rights, for the protection of children and young people, that constitutes or represents an intrusion into a person’s personal privacy or that of their family, a violation of the dignity of third parties or of privacy in communications.  In any event, users will be the sole party responsible for the opinions in their comments, as well as for the veracity, accuracy and/or legitimacy of the same.

The inclusion in the comments and opinions sections of content and/or any other material subject to copyright is conditional upon the user in question having the legitimacy for the content to be used, whether by himself or by other users, under the terms provided for in these conditions of use, and that the use thereof does not infringe any legal proviso, contract, third party right or property and in no way represents unfair competition.

In consequence, by posting content to the website the user will be understood as being legally empowered to do so.

Creating links with the website

Creating links leading to the website must be done with prior authorization from BBVAMF. In any event, once the link has been authorized by BBVAMF, it must be created under the following terms:

  • The link may not consist of frames that make it possible to see the website from internet addresses other than that of the BBVAMF website itself, or that in any way show BBVAMF website information together with information from other websites.
  • The website introducing the link (the “Linking site “) shall not make any type of false, imprecise or incorrect statement about the website and/or BBVAMF.
  • The authorization given by BBVAMF under no circumstances implies that: (i) BBVAMF sponsors, is party to, verifies or supervises the content and/or services provided through the Linking site; or (ii) that BBVAMF is in any way responsible for the content on the Linking site.
  • The Linking site must comply fully with the law and may not under any circumstances host contents, whether its own or third party ones, that: (i) are illegal, damaging to third party rights, harmful, degrading, violent, inappropriate or in any other way contrary to decency, customs and reasonable behavior (pornographic, racist, etc.); (ii)  lead or might lead the user to the mistaken conclusion that BBVAMF subscribes to, backs, adheres to or supports in any way, the ideas, opinions or expressions, legal or illegal of the writer; and (iii) are inappropriate or irrelevant to BBVAMF’s activity.

In the event of non-compliance with any of the terms listed above, BBVAMF may adopt any legal measures available to it.

Linked sites

For the purpose of helping the user to find further information, BBVAMF may include a number of linking systems to enable the user to access other websites (the “Linked sites”). In these cases BBVAMF acts as an intermediary services provider, as covered in article 17 of the law covering information society services (LSSI in the Spanish acronym). Under the terms of this law, BBVAMF does not hold itself responsible for the services and content provided through linked sites, unless it is actively aware of the illegitimate nature of the same and has not deactivated the link with suitable dispatch.

Under no circumstances does the existence of linked sites imply a recommendation, promotion, endorsement or agreement on the part of BBVAMF with the statements, contents or services provided by the linked sites. In consequence, BBVAMF does not accept liability for the content of linked sites, nor for their terms and conditions and privacy policies; users alone are responsible for checking these and accepting them every time they are accessed and used.

Reporting wrongful and inappropriate activities

In the event that the user or any other internet user becomes aware that any kind of information or content on the website or made available through it is wrongful, injurious to third party rights, harmful, degrading, violent, inappropriate, contrary to the provisions set out in these Conditions of Use or in any way contrary to decency, customs and reasonable behavior, they may contact BBVAMF with the following information:

  • their personal information: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address;
  • a description of the facts, showing the wrongful or inappropriate nature of the content or information, as well as the exact location where it can be found on the website;
  • in the case of possible infringement of third party rights, such as intellectual and industrial property, the information about the beneficial owner of the right that has been infringed should be supplied in the event of that person not being the person making the claim.  Similarly, the complainant should provide the instrument proving ownership of the rights violated and, if applicable, the proxy to act for the beneficial owner when they are not one and the same person.

The fact of BBVAMF having received the notification alluded to in this clause does not constitute active knowledge of the activities and/or contents indicated by the complainant where these are not blatant or obvious. In any event, BBVAMF reserves the right to suspend or withdraw contents that, while not wrongful, contravene the standards laid out in these Conditions of Use, weighing up in each case the legal good in dispute.


BBVAMF finds that all the information contained in this website, as well as the documents that can be viewed on it, is correct at the date of publication; nevertheless, it does not guarantee that this information is accurate, complete, up to date, exhaustive or appropriate. BBVAMF hereby declines all responsibility for any damages that arise from use, as well as for any errors or omissions in any part of this website, to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Without prejudice to the above, BBVAMF declines all responsibility for any errors of fact, permanent or temporary loss or of information or any alteration to the same, as well as for IT viruses, operating faults, including but not restricted to, damages arising from using the services provided here.

BBVAMF reserves the right to modify the content on its website and to interrupt, discontinue or terminate access to the same at any time and with immediate effect. This proviso will be deemed notified by virtue of the publication of the modified information on this website.

Third party opinions posted as content on the website do not represent BBVAMF’s opinion, and the latter does not hold itself responsible for these.

In no case will BBVAMF be responsible for loss, damage or prejudice of any kind that arises from accessing and using the website, including but not limited to those occurring in IT networks or those caused by a virus and/or hack.  Neither will BBVAMF accept responsibility for harm that users may suffer from inappropriate use of this website or, in any way, for outages, interruptions, blockages or reductions in the quality of telecommunications.


BBVAMF guarantees the privacy of our users’ personal data.

The website does not automatically recognize any data about the identity of those visiting or using its pages and nothing about them is stored.

In the case of those users who provide their personal data, BBVAMF guarantees that this information will be processed solely for the purpose for which it was provided and always within the terms of the Spain’s personal data protection law (LOPD in the Spanish acronym) and any other current legislation.

In this case, any user who has submitted any personal identification may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or objection, in accordance with the LOPD, by letter. Enclosing a copy of their national identity card, this should be sent to BBVAMF at the following address: Paseo de Recoletos 10, 28001 – Madrid, Spain, or by electronic mail to


In the event of any legal issue pertinent to this website or any conflict concerning the same between the user and BBVAMF, Spanish legislation will apply, and the courts of the metropolitan area of Madrid will have the jurisdiction to resolve all disputes arising from or related to this website.


The registered offices of BBVA Microfinance Foundation are on Paseo de Recoletos nº 10, 28001, Madrid, Spain. Contact email:

CIF (tax number): G85088870


BBVA Microfinance Foundation is classified as a social care and inclusion foundation in the public interest, appearing as nº 28-1454 in the Unified Registry of foundations with nationwide scope.

It is supervised by the Education, Culture & Sport Ministry’s body for the protection of foundations with nationwide scope.