The new Fondo Esperanza branch office in the Ligua will serve more than 600 vulnerable entrepreneurs

11 July 2016
Fondo Esperanza

Vulnerable Chilean entrepreneurs from the communes of La Ligua, Papudo, Cabildo, Petorca, Valle Hermoso, Catapilco, Placilla and Pullalli will be able to access the comprehensive service offered by Fondo Esperanza to progress their small businesses.

The opening of this branch office provides new opportunities for entrepreneurs engaged in the commerce sector in the V Region. “It’s a great joy to broaden the scope of our work, reach more communes and more people throughout the country. Thanks to this, we are materializing our mission to support entrepreneurship through individual and group microfinance services, training and support networks with the aim of contributing to the improvement of their living conditions, that of their families and communities” stated Karina Gomez, national manager of Fondo Esperanza branch offices.

Currently, Fondo Esperanza supports 13,500 entrepreneurs in the V Region. The Quillota office, which administratively supported the Ligua, serves 2,240 microentrepreneurs. With the new office in La Ligua, 636 entrepreneurs will be supported without moving from their commune and more disadvantaged people may be added to this figure.

Paola González, assistant manager for central coast area of Fondo Esperanza, explained that “The impact on entrepreneurs who live and/or work in La Ligua and surrounding areas can be huge. They will have a convenient meeting point that’s close to their homes, where they can share their experiences and hold their meetings”.

Juana Silva Berrios is one of the entrepreneurs who will have the support of the new branch. “This opening makes me very happy because we’ll be able to be more in touch and we can share a nice central office in which to carry out great activities,” she noted.

The new office is located at Condel #186, local 6, corner Ortiz de Rosas, La Ligua, and its opening times are from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday through Friday.

Karina Gómez, Paola González, Pamela Pereira, Manager of the La Ligua and Quillota Office, and advisers from the community-district bank from the Quillota and La Ligua branch offices were present at the opening as well as entrepreneurs who represented the microentrepreneurs who placed their trusted in Fondo Esperanza to build up and boost their business in La Ligua.