Responsible Productive Finance

BBVA Microfinance Foundation proprietary methodology, putting vulnerable small entrepreneurs at the core of all activity, offering them a complete range of financial products and services, helping them to achieve success over time

The aim is to support entrepreneurs generate a flow of net income sustainably, building up a long-term relationship, prioritizing their welfare and development, showing that the financial channel plays an important role, both in the growth of the economy and in improving the living conditions of its citizens, at all levels of society.

The key is to identify potential, whether it reveals itself through tangible or intangible attributes, such as imagination, commitment, willingness to pay, perseverance, empowerment, sense of responsibility, etc., that are recognized and given value.

At the heart of the model lies individual understanding of the client, their environment and the reality of their home/enterprise. Profiles and vulnerability types are taken into consideration in every case.

BBVA Microfinance Foundation’s model has enabled over 5 million people, who had no access to the conventional financial system and whose development opportunities were seriously hampered, to start up productive activities and improve their own standard of living and that of their families in a sustainable way.