Francisco González meets with BBVAMF’s Board of Trustees and management board, who have recognized his tireless support

The BBVA chairman met up with BBVA Microfinance Foundation’s Board of Trustees, now chaired by the development expert and well-known defender of the most disadvantaged Latin communities, Anna Escobedo Cabral.

El presidente de BBVA, Francisco González, con el nuevo Patronato de la FMBBVA Francisco González y el director general de la Fundación, Javier M. Flores El presidente de BBVA reunido con el equipo directivo de la FMBBVA
El presidente de BBVA, Francisco González, con el nuevo Patronato de la FMBBVA

During the meeting, Francisco González highlighted the work of Claudio González Vega, who has left the chair of the Board of Trustees but continues to contribute his experience in microfinance in his capacity as board member. Furthermore, the BBVA Chairman, who also met up with the management team, spoke warmly of the Foundation’s work in Latin America. Since it was set up 11 years ago, it has become one of the development initiatives with the highest social impact, a point of reference for leading organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank.

BBVAMF operates in five countries in Latin America, through its six microfinance institutions in the region, where it currently serves over two million entrepreneurs in situations of vulnerability- more than half of them women. Two of them, Norma Ordóñez and Astrid Orjuela, sent the Chairman a heartfelt message, contained in this video covering some of Francisco González’s most important milestones with the Foundation:

During his trip to Colombia, the Chairman of BBVA was able to meet courageous women, who work every day to achieve a better life. He saw how with their hard work and belief in themselves are getting them ahead, improving their lives and those of their families. “Their work is spectacular, and we are already seeing the result in the next generations: their children and their grandchildren are studying, and several of them go on to university. Getting to see them was marvelous,” he said.

Una visita, que marcó un antes y un después para la Fundación, y que fue un ejemplo del incondicional apoyo de Francisco González a lo largo de todos estos años.

This trip was a turning point for the Foundation, and an example of Francisco González’s unswerving support over all these years.