From the Colombian to Madrid countryside : in search of the perfect goat

Not much time has passed since the story of Astrid Orjuela became known as an example of how to overcome difficulties. Astrid left her life in Bogotá to move to the countryside, where she has been breeding goats for over 20 years. From the beginning her dream was, and still is, to create a goat-semen collection center to improve the gene pool for breeding stock.

With each day that passes, she is getting closer to this goal: in a journey that has led her to cross the Atlantic to visit a farm in the countryside of Madrid, she learned how her Spanish counterparts operate as they swapped experiences and working methods.

Today, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo takes her story and reports on the progress she has made with the support of Bancamía, the Foundation’s institution in Colombia.

El milagro de la cabra colombiana
El Mundo