Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation

The Board of Trustees comprises individuals with a recognized professional background and prestige, committed to social development and to supporting the more underprivileged sectors of society.

11 November 2013
Fundación Microfinanzas BBVA

The Board of Trustees composition is:

Tomás Alfaro Drake
Director of graduate studies in Business Administration and Management at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.

María Begoña Susana Rodríguez Vidarte
University Professor of Corporate Economics and Management Control, teaching undergraduate and graduate programs at La Comercial, University of Deusto, in Spain, Argentina and Chile.

Gonzalo Gil García
Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Spain.

Nancy Barry
Former President of the Women`s World Bank.

Claudio González Vega
Expert in Microfinance and Professor at Ohio State University.

The Board of Trustees is the Foundation’s supreme governing, representative and administrative body, responsible for steering the Foundation and administering the properties and rights that form its net assets, exercising due diligence, and maintaining the return and profits of these. Its members are appointed for a four-year period and may be re-elected. They perform their duties with no remuneration whatsoever.