Banco ADOPEM grants over 60% of the microcredits in the national financial system

31 January 2014
Banco Adopem

Banco ADOPEM’s client portfolio saw growth of over 20%, and over 300,000 low income people in the Dominican Republic made use of its products and services.

Banco ADOPEM granted 63.7% of the loans made to microbusinesses in the whole of the national financial system, and currently has a total of 178,354 loans on its books.

Mercedes Canalda de Beras-Goico reported that the gross credit portfolio rose to over DR $3.5 billion, exceeding the levels reached in the same period in 2012 by over DR $600 billion. This growth in the portfolio was achieved with quality indicators, as 97.6% of the portfolio is in category A and 2.39% in pending and defaulted loans, with coverage for these loans in the pending portfolio of 165%.

Fotografía de Mercedes-Canalda-de-Beras-Goico, Banco Adopem, FMBBVA

Mercedes Canalda, Banco Adopem

The bank’s executive said that total assets rose to DR $4.4 billion in December 2013, with productive assets representing 91.16% of this total.

She explained that the total amount of capital raised was DR $1.937 billion, with financial certificates representing 77% and savings deposits 23%. Compared to 2012, the total capital raised showed an increase of 32%, placing Banco ADOPEM at the head of the national financial system with regard to growth in this category.