ADOPEM promotes environmentally-friendly and sustainable entrepreneurship

15 May 2014
Banco Adopem

Banco ADOPEM, with the support of the ADOPEM NGO Training Center, celebrates International Recycling Day, held every 17 May and featuring crafts workshops using recycled materials.

The “Recycled Butterflies” workshop was organized with customers from Sabana Perdida, San Cristóbal and several communities in these areas. This is an initiative involving practical talks to help the bank’s customers develop an awareness of the need to protect the environment and promote entrepreneurship by improving their local surroundings.

Banco ADOPEM and ADOPEM NGO organize these activities within the framework of their Social Entrepreneurial Responsibility (RSE) policy and their commitment to their customers’ development and to improving the environment. Training based on simple tools for reusing and recycling materials allows the entrepreneurs to develop new productive possibilities in their businesses while respecting the environment.

The managers of the branches in Sabana Perdida, Fiordaliza Vicente, and San Cristóbal, Aris Villar, welcomed 50 customers who took part in the workshops, which were led by the instructors Yolanda Ureña (in San Cristóbal) and Laritza Núñez (in Sabana Perdida).